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Synonyms for gabble

Synonyms for gabble

rapid and indistinct speech

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Clark lays out his political disasters as lipsmackingly as his triumphs: The time he got completely blotto at a wine-tasting just before reading his first ministerial speech on equal pay to the House of Commons is a superb example--an agonizing, maundering, gabbling humiliation.
One of them said he 'turned white' when he heard me gabbling away in his living room
The footage, shot on March 25 by her MTV crew, shows troubled Kerry on the phone at a spa resort, gabbling to one of the channel's workers.
Determined to get to know the object of his affections a little better, the shy yet determined clerk copies her address details from the store computer and attempts to talk his way into the woman's apartment, gradually wearing her down with his incessant gabbling.
As well as blowing bubbles, she's rolling on her front and pointing her chubby fingers at everything while gabbling baby speak.
Poets and bards and dramatists all gabbling at each other.
Rather as my policies for becoming Mayor of London included banning cyclists and white vans, and smoothing out sleeping policemen, so would I encourage the Gloucester police to incarcerate ticket touts - hurrah for the extra 5,000 prison places Mr Cameron has promised us - and take gabbling women who jostle you into the purchase of 'lucky white heather' to trade description tribunals.
After that, he frightens us at seven o' clock nightly with his badly dressed, unattractive image, gabbling on with some Irish woman, struggling to make the show look attractive for him.
And then you slink in the door and find your fellow apostles gabbling about your dead master, Jesus, as being no longer dead but alive.
And as they settled down to a salad, troubled former pop star Adam Ant, in ski-hat, pink T-shirt and combat trousers, strolled by gabbling into his mobile.
There I was, gabbling away on Sky TV last weekend over croissants and coffee, dissecting Chelsea's current predicament in fairly damning tones.
Often unintelligible, as if gabbling his words to a Geordie cohort, this was sports punditry at its poorest.
Can you imagine anyone coming up to you and just gabbling away in a foreign language?
Jeremy Clarkson was caught bang to rights after he was snapped by a Mirror reader gabbling on his mobile while belting down a motorway.