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Synonyms for gabble

Synonyms for gabble

rapid and indistinct speech

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Unfortunately Rik gabbles his lines so we can't hear them all.
She's sitting up by herself now, she's reaching out for her toys and she gabbles away to herself.
However he gabbles through the tricky bits in his speech, he will have to admit that he counted too many billions of unhatched chickens in April.
And while Irwin gabbles excitedly straight to camera, the actors in the other sequences give no indication that an audience exists.
She sings and gabbles in the voices of the insane, unclean, imprisoned, despised, diseased, and deceased.
JUST when you think the most controversial thing Miley Cyrus could do next would be to NOT be controversial, the singer goes and gabbles on about how much she loves drugs.
McCoist gabbles away at a furious Caledonian clip, going into gales of guffaws long before the punchline.
His team talks make me laugh because he gabbles away a lot and that is the one thing he has to work on.
Sir Igor, President of the Queen's Bench division, said: "Transcripts do not show the whole picture, the moment when a witness hesitates where they should not or gabbles quickly over a part of their story.