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Synonyms for gabble

Synonyms for gabble

rapid and indistinct speech

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A portrait of June as Hedda Gabbler appears in Us and Them, p.
His later plays, A Doll's House (1879), Hedda Gabbler (1890) and The Master Builder (1892) established his status as one of the world's major playwrights.
23 Who is currently playing Hedda Gabbler at the Playhouse?
Nostalgia specialists Network Video have exhumed and restored six episodes reminding middle-aged children everywhere of the adventures of Captain Dart, elfin Slim, Irish genius Professor Haggerty and Gabbler, the Martian parrot.
Whether alone with guitar or joined by an assembly of her regular co-conspirators (including Franois & The Atlas Mountains and Sleeping States, who she also joins for their sets in a glorious musical swapping shop), her songs possess a certain fragile magnetism that can hush the gabblers in the drawing of a breath.