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Synonyms for gabble

Synonyms for gabble

rapid and indistinct speech

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I could see his interest waning, so I gabbled on: "And we're using shredded newspapers for the nesting boxes: the Telegraph when they're broody and the News of the World when we want them to mate.
If I wanted it gabbled, I left out all the full stops - like James Joyce in Ulysses.
Lame guests were asked dull questions while Davina gabbled away like a reject from Friends.
Individual voices gabbled at artificially high speed then slowed to a comprehensible pace, amplified then receded, luring listeners from column to column in pursuit of elusive snatches of narrative.
Whenhe got through, he gabbled to the operator: 'Ma friend is deid
As a regimental march it's never been that intimidating and of late it's become downright feeble - the first two lines roared out lustily enough but the third gabbled (perhaps because older fans are still harking on about those Oysters while the younger generation throw down the gauntlet to United) and the fourth petering out in an embarrassing mumble.
in the seer's gabbled prophecy and relate it to the much later scene where this hefty heirloom descends in the aftermath of the explosion which wipes out Saleem's relatives, removing his memory?
Worse is the exasperated complaint "they just gabbled away at me in Chinese.
David Cameron gabbled through a prepared speech as if he wished he were somewhere else.
As she gabbled shrilly down the mobile phone that was glued like a hi-tech limpet to her numerously pierced ear, her toddler - red-faced in a state-ofthe-art pushchair - squalled irritably at the front of the bus.
I struggled to hear Lady Lydia Languish in the first act and a couple of the actors gabbled through their words at such a rate that much of it was lost.
As I pointed out to the Man-in-charge, who kept looking hopefully at me as the maid gabbled away, I've only done things like asking for directions, ordering food and visiting the market and I didn't think she'd want to know how old I was, when my birthday is and where I live.
They gabbled on about that for what seemed like three hours before marvelling at how complex ABBA's songs were.
In his speech, Mr Brown gabbled out his forecasts for the current Budget out for the next five year, ending with the triumphant conclusion that he was heading for a cumulative surplus of pounds 32 billion.
Ally McCoist gabbled at 1,428 words per minute before accelerating.