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Synonyms for gabble

Synonyms for gabble

rapid and indistinct speech

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It got so I had to gabble like a greyhound commentator if I was to get everything in before the click, silence.
It degenerates into a gabble, lacking unity and a clearly-defined shape.
There's the usual doubling up (a cast of six play more than 20 characters) from a pretty competent company, even if the promising Victoria Hughes, in creating a very non-Garland Dorothy, tended to gabble occasionally.
People who gabble in all dialects and we, the hapless viewers, more often than not are expected to try and understand what is being said.
And as for Bryan - 'to him the simian gabble of the country crossroads was not gabble, but wisdom of an occult and superior sort'.
It breaks my heart to hear other mums telling their little ones to shut up - I would love Jamie to gabble on.
Why is it that everything now seems to be geared towards the convenience of mobile phone users, without a thought being given to those who have to suffer this explosion of gabble and invasion of private space?
In the central role of Stanhope, the commanding officer fast becoming an alcoholic wreck, Tom Wisdom is a little inclined to gabble so that some of his lines are hard to catch - the Hippodrome's are probably not the friendliest acoustics.
Athletics on the radio is not the most rewarding experience, especially in sprints - watching the fastest men on earth is considerably more thrilling than hearing someone gabble their surnames as if his trousers were on fire - but I imagine it beats the hell out of listening to synchronised diving.
His five minute gabble about his wedding plans is hysterical.
Could the news bulletin readers on radio and programme presenters please speak without having to gabble with hurried speech anxious to get onto the next item?
Performances are fine, no complaints apart from a tendency to gabble.
undistinguished things to senses ruck seemed depressingly unaware that today's music has moved way beyond mere experimentation and dabbling in texts of sub-Joycean stream-of-consciousness -what an embarrassment for Malcolm Layfield's excellent Goldberg strings to have to gabble this dross and stamp their feet occasionally (and doesn't the title say it all).
SPEAK SLOWLY - Nervous people gabble and it gives away you're scared.