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Synonyms for gabardine

a firm durable fabric with a twill weave

(usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth

a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles

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Since Thomas Burberry created the first trench coat in the 1850's, and even with some revamped versions every season - they come in different patterns, fascinating hues and countless fabrics - the trench coat has remained true to its heritage in the ever classic khaki gabardine.
This came about after the crisis with Stewarts the King Tailors, as it was later known, when my grandfather saw there was a market for the new gabardine rainwear.
Your cotton-clad night time self has a personality and physiology quite distinct from your daytime self in gabardine.
Shoppers should look for gabardine stretch cotton, lace, crepe de sheen, silk-cotton blends and linen, Khoueiri and Rihan said.
From sober gabardine in the 1930s to the mod 1960s and plaids of the 1970s, the show highlights the evolution of Air Canada's distinctive styling.
By the time it got to my village it was standing room only and, as I was so small, I was surrounded by the smell of armpits and gabardine for the two mile journey to the bottom of the hill that led to the school.
It certainly makes a change from the New Year, which was as grey, damp and miserable as a wet school gabardine.
Nineteen forty-four, our uncles in the war, gray gabardine.
Photographed by Steven Meisel, Tennant wears a dark Prada gabardine coat and sports a gypsie-style nose ring as she holds scissors aloft and ready to cut.
This sumptuously photographed film, which had a modest cinema release last September, follows Anker's attempt to find out if Mallory and Irvine, in their gabardine clothes and hobnail boots could have succeeded in getting to the top.
As soon as Lev is out, clad in an overlarge, dated gabardine suit, two security types accost and carry him off to another sort of prison, in a grimy bathhouse, for no apparent reason.
Key pieces from the women's collection include fitted jeans, fine leather jackets, silk military shirts with epaulettes, tailored two-button wool gabardine blazers, military twill jackets, tailored front slit pocket pants, staple melange t-shirts and tanks, cashmere cardigans with leather elbow patches, and a full length skirt with a fluid fishtail train.
But since of late I'm outfitted in gabardine trousers and a sports coat.
Chief creative officer Christopher Bailey's latest London Fashion Week show mixed biker jackets with trenchcoats at mid and mini length, then combined the biker and trenchcoat looks in gabardine, bonded