fuzzy logic

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a form of mathematical logic in which truth can assume a continuum of values between 0 and 1

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By using MCU fetched sensor values, the fuzzy logic inference of 'if .
Fuzzy Logic applications have been popular in the area of control engineering as it is a valuable technology in the design of embedded machine intelligence.
Fuzzy logic originally developed by Zadeh [13] is not a logic that is fuzzy, but the logic that is used to describe fuzziness.
I do not mean to suggest that fuzzy logic resolves all the philosophical problems of vagueness (or that it is especially popular with pure philosophers).
In the figure, the arrows from the fuzzy logic controller to and from the printer represented the two-way communication path between the controller and the printer.
In recent years, developers have sought to link fuzzy logic with neural networks.
HDPE and ABS, two commercial grade materials with obvious differences in their flow characteristics, were used to test the fuzzy logic controller at different barrel temperatures.
What I like about the VX10's fuzzy logic system is that it is always aggressive," Mr Kushmaul says.
The mathematics of fuzzy logic were developed in the 1960s by the chairman of the electrical engineering department at the University of California, Berkeley.
Superficially more laddish, they have been slotted into the whole post-Oasis matrix; yet even a quick skim of Fuzzy Logic reveals a group full of wit, brains, and, yes, a distinct Welsh perspective, evident in the choice of local heroes on the sleeve: famed cannabis smuggler Howard Marks and glam weather girl Sian Lloyd.
These mechanisms include the scientific concept of chaos and the mathematical concept of fuzzy logic, which once understood, will result in the dethronement of much of Western Aristotelian thinking.
Over the last few years, fuzzy logic has permitted engineers to design control systems for air conditioners, washing machines, rice cookers, and dozens of other devices, enabling the machines to respond smoothly and appropriately to changs in operating conditions.
An artificial intelligence technique that responds to small variations in attributes and learns to provide desired results, fuzzy logic is already being used in consumer products, particularly those from Japan.
Unlike traditional computer logic involving clear true or false decisions, a fuzzy logic system chooses what is most true after "considering" several contributing and possibly conflicting variables.
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