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Synonyms for fuzziness

the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

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2007) proposed the interval numbers to present greyness and fuzziness of grey fuzzy decision making problems, and the mathematical model of interval valued grey fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is established, and the application to the selection of the preferred project is given.
What makes this documentary so compelling is the sense of menace and pervasive moral fuzziness.
In video mode, the TF1 is, again, average with a bit of fuzziness in the background.
Fuzziness versus Probability as a Means of Expressing Assessment
The road to recovery was cut short when he started noticing signs of mental fuzziness and an odd gait.
However, such spaciousness can only mean the absence of all things, and that fuzziness and ambivalence reign supreme.
Measuring light particles doesn't push them as far into the realm of quantum fuzziness as once thought, new research suggests.
Doing this requires taking some of the fuzziness out of marketing.
This causes no problems whatsoever when you're watching movies from a distance; but when you get up close to do some work, the fuzziness becomes somewhat more noticeable, although it's still perfectly usable.
With all the Muppet favourites, including Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo and Fozzie Bear, fans will not leave disappointed - and the Oscar winning original song Man or Muppet will leave you with an unmistakable feel-good fuzziness.
But, despite the fuzziness of the presentation, what was clear was that the mid-point in the forecast shifted from 1.
Then there's that other Bible verse: "I have come to inspire a feeling of warm fuzziness on the earth; how I wish that it were already moderately glowing
Curry questions this position, and points out that the discussion on the null hypothesis serves to highlight fuzziness surrounding the many hypotheses related to dangerous climate change.
The far-off fuzziness, wails and guitar ripples also help.
Given the habitual fuzziness of the Derby picture, Carlton House stands out like a bonfire at dusk.