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But M69 looks fuzzier than M54, so it isn't much more difficult to pick out.
Then there were even fuzzier, tier-three economies, who were part of the EAGLES Nest or the Next Eleven.
WITH Christmas a distant memory and New Year even fuzzier we enter 2011 with the usual collection of good intentions.
That doesn't disprove the "Hispanic" paradox, but it does seem to make the case a bit fuzzier.
While advantages in applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro are clear, and significant, when it comes to something as paltry yet essential as a browser, things might get a little fuzzier.
Every time I re-photographed the emotional scene it got dimmer and dimmer, fuzzier and fuzzier.
Given the current mortgage landscape, the underwriter's objective of getting to yes will be harder and fuzzier for a good while.
Open source software is a bit fuzzier and non-directed when compared to an enterprise "death march" project like those associated with Apple's and Microsoft's go-forward tactics.
AS I'VE EDITED THIS PUBLICATION OVER THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS, THE LINE BETWEEN WHAT is deemed the responsibility of parents to teach their children, and what educators are expected to teach students in nontraditional areas of learning seems to be getting fuzzier all the time.
Let us accept it as such instead of making it even fuzzier by clumsy conspiracy theories.
However, on a business level, in particular for carriers, the picture is fuzzier, since the returns on such efforts are soft (for more on the topic, see "The Sinister Side of Social Networking" p.
Those lilting textures and explorations in sound highlight the ardent performance at play tonight - no more so than Reclaimed, where the five-piece band bring those fuzzier emotions into sharp focus with a vivid soundscape that split-screens the senses, wrapping us in the warm-hearted orchestral-like dynamics of three guitars racing to a dizzying climax.
TW's plans for the Internet were fuzzier than Comcast's vision of leveraging its control of NBC Universal's film, broadcast and cable properties to develop the next big thing in entertainment delivery: video-on-demand across a variety of electronic devices.
The limits are fuzzier for magnetic field generation, but also favour Earth-sized planets.
Also from Boffa Nova Concepts, Penbo is an altogether pinker, fuzzier alternative to Prime-8.