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Synonyms for fuzz

the fuzz


  • the police
  • the law
  • the police force
  • the constabulary
  • the law enforcement agency
  • the boys in blue
  • the Old Bill

Synonyms for fuzz

Synonyms for fuzz

filamentous hairlike growth on a plant

uncomplimentary terms for a policeman

a hazy or indistinct representation

the first beard of an adolescent boy

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A core team of developers at Fuzz used iRise iDocs, interactive blueprints that are portable, encapsulated simulations which can be emailed to stakeholders and developers, to achieve these benefits:
Fuzz Townshend of Bentley Rhythm Ace has transformed his shed into an amazing miniature hotspot.
Also gone are fuzz and fly problems, strand entanglement, and chopper cost and maintenance, PPG says.
And then to be treated to Supergrass tracks Moving, and one of my favourite songs ever, Caught By the Fuzz, too, was a total and utter unexpected treat.
The King's Head fruit machine has the same tune as ones in Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.
Esha's winning design was chosen by a panel of judges including Fuzz Townsend from Car SOS and Michael Quinn, the grandson of Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar Cars.
Pastor Fuzz is encouraging all to attend to “share in the dream of Martin Luther King,” and “journey to diversity through dialogue on immigration.
Cre8tive") (OTC:FILM) announces that Cre8tive has been named associate producer of the animated film "The Wild Adventures of Bebop Fuzz.
However, the 29-year-old prince has refused to fulfill their wishes despite people teasing him for his ginger facial fuzz, the Daily Star reported.
Best Known For Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
The film, which has been dubbed the final part in Wright's 'Three Colours Cornetto' trilogy, will see Frost, Pegg and Wright back together again after the success of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
Jackpotjoy Slots is very proud and excited to launch the brand new slots game FUZZ BALLS for their Facebook app to give their players and fans even more reasons to spend time on this amazing app.
The Penny Dreadfuls are a five piece rhythm and blues band that focus solely on bringing garage, psych and fuzz to melt the ears off anyone unfortunate enough to be anywhere nearby.