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the study or prediction of future developments on the basis of existing conditions

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What futurologist could have predicted today's world, with affordable faxes, personal computers with power unimaginable to a James Bond villain, and cheap videocassettes sold over the counter at McDonald's?
Also among ad:tech London's keynotes are BBH CEO Ben Fennell, YouTube EMEA Chief Ben McOwen Wilson and Leonard Brody, "the controversial torchbearer for a new world order", Investor, Futurologist and Co-Owner of Coventry City Football Club.
Futurologist Sue Chorley, who has helped to create next year's spring and summer homes look for Marks & Spencer, describes herself as being, ``like a dog sniffing around for a biscuit,'' when she is sussing out lifestyle trends.
In the report, leading independent futurologist Dr Ian Pearson uses his expert knowledge of trends in technology and society to give his view on what types of payments might be possible and popular.
And if you think there''s a lot of technology in children''s lives now, it''s going to steadily increase, warns futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, pictured inset, who tracks and predicts developments in technology and society.
In attendance will be top investors and leaders in social entrepreneurship like Sally Osberg, president and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, and Jerry Glenn, futurologist and director of The Millennium Project.
Ian Pearson, Telecom's applied research and technologies futurologist, says you won't even have to move from your sofa to communicate with anyone in the world.
Leading futurologist James Bellini addressed the guests on the topic of social, political and business trends over the next 15 to 20 years.
FUTUROLOGIST Dr Martin Rhisiart has joined the board of business development company Menter a Busnes.
Futurologist Ian Pearson, formerly the future tech expert at BT and author of You Tomorrow, says the home and work place are about to get a new wave of gizmos.
With technology becoming such an important part of everyday life and gadgets like the iPad dominating popular culture, this research demonstrates the changing attitudes of parents towards emerging technology trends and increased usage by children," the Telegraph quoted Dr Ian Pearson, a futurologist who tracks and predicts developments in technology and society, as saying.
I heard one futurologist on national radio giving his view on what our society will be like in, say 10 years.
According to the futurologist Richard Scase, it would seem that this revisionist behaviour is no longer unusual and I am just part of a large sea-change in the social habits of many people within my age group.
Herman Kahn--the futurologist who was supposed to have been the inspiration for Dr Strangelove--prophesied in 1976 that by the year 2000, Americans would be working an average of 20 hours a week.