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Synonyms for futuristics

the study or prediction of future developments on the basis of existing conditions

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The company's products and work force are highly complementary to our existing facilities, and as part of the MW family of companies, we believe that Futuristics is better positioned to penetrate new markets, including the medical, electronics, communications, aerospace and avionics sectors.
With domestic market being the primary consumer of this incredible growth story, organizations such as Cyber Futuristics are consistently infusing capex and operational support to sustain this growth.
Cyber Futuristics already has more than 25,000 Square Feet of Data Center space in India, managing 30,000 global customers.
Anuj Bairathi, CEO of Cyber Futuristics said, “We already are a formidable force in North India.
Cyber Futuristics provides world class IT infrastructural services under the brand name Go4Hosting.
Cyber Futuristics is a major player in the $6 billion Data Center market inside India.