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of or relating to futurism


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The futuristically styled FCX Clarity is available for lease exclusively in Southern California.
Other essays discuss the efforts of the Tennessee Valley Authority understood through the paradigm of flow, speak futuristically of transportation, and discuss the relationship between landscape and plant physiognomy.
Looming futuristically over the Cheshire countryside, the telescope must have been an extraordinary sight for locals when it opened back in 1955.
I was impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and passion in those who attended this workshop since it demonstrated to me that dental hygienists are looking futuristically towards our changing roles and place in delivering oral health care.
It is futuristically styled, it has best- in- its- class interiors, its performance equals or even betters that of its peers, and it comes with Hyundai's legendary reliability and low maintenance costs.
Our meeting today at the tripartite of the three countries was one that was futuristically orientated with recognition of the opportunities and dangers around," the Afghan leader said.
The sleek, futuristically styled vessel is being built for a legend of the hairdressing industry in Australia, and six-time Australian offshore powerboat racing champion, Stefan Ackerie.
Settling down into a chair in the futuristically decked-out CitizenM Hotel in Glasgow, Jarre looks great for a man in his 60s, with a deep tan, bouffant teased hair and an expensive-looking black suit.
If a patient does not receive the inpatient experience and care they expect from a hospital they will not return to that hospital and futuristically they will make choices for their health care based on that experience.
They are risk-takers, demonstrate the ability to endure hardship to achieve delayed rewards, think futuristically (better lives for their children), are prepared to do the hard and dirty work at the bottom of the pay scale, and, for the most part, are being pulled across borders by worker vacums created by development and economic growth.
vi) I do not claim that Michael did not suffer from his condition, but simply that his condition enabled a trans-ethnic journey that was both alien and futuristically analogous to the society many have envisioned in fantasy literature.
Summary: Suddenly some explosively positive and futuristically pragmatic policies about
It is this revelation that compels Riddley to reject the ways of Goodparley and Orfing (who represent the forces that would reestablish this method of living on a local and futuristically global scale).
Some bosses would have questioned investing money and manpower this way, but Leon thinks futuristically," says Hussain.
Another Blair mass immigration programme, futuristically limitless, into this small area in the Middle East, bringing all of the required skills, which help the economy, just as Blair said it would do for us and make OUR economy strong.