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of or relating to futurism


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The most high-profile pair is a futuristic wrap from Oakley that tightly fits the face and has a hingeless frame for athletes who don't like anything pinching their ears.
The bunker that vCompute houses its operation in is ideally suited for these types of secure operations and vCompute's futuristic approach to securing personnel and technical resources will provide a valuable service especially in the Houston area.
The 6-foot-6-inch, 270-pound man says he enjoys the fantasy in the game, a futuristic world where car payments and scheduling conflicts are forgotten amid the shroud of fog and the streaks of laser light.
This arrangement continues our tradition of working with leading technology companies to bring futuristic ideas and products to market.
Micro-electro-mechanical systems are already much more than a futuristic vision.
In this program, students design a futuristic, energy-efficient school while learning to use MicroStation(R), the company's flagship desktop product.
Photo: In ``William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet,'' starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, the Bard's bittersweet tragedy is placed in a futuristic beach town, with the ultra-modern characters speaking from the original Shakespeare text.
Leading Brands believes this purported action is in response to a lawsuit against Futuristic and other parties, initiated by Leading Brands in October 2003.
Futuristic Geeza took full advantage of trouble between evens favourite Eye Onthe Storm and Hollyoak Boss at the first bend, striding out nicely to beat the latter by a length and a half in 28.
The futuristic shape was applauded as an instant design classic and during the next 20 years more than 1.
The animated installation titled "Moving Down the Skyway" brings the idea of sci-fi transportation back down to earth with the pros and cons of futuristic modes such as flying cars.
The ground floor foyer was transformed to film Doctor Who, with a futuristic white pod and blue flashing lights taking centre stage.
Essence gives visitors the opportunity to travel through time from an early 20th century laboratory to a futuristic servery, uncovering the secrets of Cadbury Dairy Milk as well as viewing development of the brand's iconic bars across its 100-year history.
To gain insight into what futuristic truly meant visually, Colle+McVoy and New Holland had a "scrapbook session"--actually cutting pictures out of magazines and discussing what makes something look and feel "futuristic" or "innovative"--to have specific visual stimuli that defined modern, innovative and dynamic and come to a common, conclusive understanding of what the brand personality should ultimately look like.
Dear Editor, - I read an article in your newspaper recently where the proposals for the new library were described as futuristic.