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Synonyms for futurist

a theologian who believes that the Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) will be fulfilled in the future

someone who predicts the future


of or relating to futurism


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As for the legacy of this machinic anti-humanism, Terrosi underlines the complex relations of "inversion, aversion, and convergence" between Futurist androids and the bio-mechanical creatures theorized by the contemporary artistic practitioners of the "post-human.
If you would like to contact Futurist and take advantage of a free two-hour consultation, call (0191) 640-2505.
His schemes centered on violent, sudden, across-the-board change, on the thorough obliteration of a past that weighed on the Futurist prophet like a personal cross to bear.
NEW YORK, June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Futurist Gray Scott talks about the future of automation and longevity in THE FUTURE OF WORK AND DEATH a new documentary feature film.
Joe Coates, a futurist with Coates & Jarratt in Washington, DC, has a less sanguine view of the continued growth of managed care, however.
Instead, the Futurist could show the imaginative use of our heritage.
According to Hines, the workshop will explore several best practices used by futurists to identify emerging trends, cull the most important signposts, and prioritize and apply the most important data in "solving challenges facing all of us today in our careers, our jobs and our industries.
What are futurists reading as the second century draws to a close?
The Futurist emphasis on surging masses, implacable machines with terrible beauty in their polluting exhalations and the magic of the most up-to-date seems absurdly anachronistic when applied to rail transport now, but our emotional responses to air travel are very similar to Marinetti's train-worship.
In another keynote talk, futurist Edie Weiner, president of Weiner Edrich and Brown, spoke about the acceptance of "educated incapacity" -- when people don't accept changes around them and don't see new things.
The English Review reported that 'the hideous Futurist craze for sensationalism is happily passing' (48) while another pondered 'I should have thought it was now a thing of the past, exploded by its own silly gun powder train of progressive theory.
Both early 20th Century movements were called Futurist, and although ideas of iconoclasm and innovation were shared, artists from the two countries had very different influences.
He is an accomplished author, health care futurist, keynote speaker, and health care consultant who has held leadership positions in academic medicine and biotechnology.
A study of the Futurist obsession with breakneck progress reveals a love of change that led many to embrace the most terrible juggernaut humanity has ever produced.
A futurist looks at clues and information from today to piece together stories for the future.