futures market

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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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Global multi-asset brokerage Newedge is using a solution from derivatives trading application provider FFastFill to provide qualified buy-side clients with access to China's futures markets.
The aim of this paper is to explain how use of futures market can help Croatian textile industry to reduce operating costs and compete with foreign companies.
Although empirical research generally suggests that the futures market leads the cash market (i.
This paper tests for whether or not the foreign exchange futures market displays informational advantages relative to the OTC market, in terms of conveying information of informed traders.
LME sources note that financial speculators play an essential role because they bring additional liquidity to a futures market, thereby helping industry to hedge effectively.
Researchers have attempted to identify the specific cause of the increased volatility in the crude oil spot price, including inventory changes and speculative trading behavior in the futures market (Pindyck 2002; Smith 2002).
Hamed Ali, Chief Executive of Nasdaq Dubai, said: The UAEs capital markets community has provided crucial support for the success of our futures market so far and we will continue to work with market participants to further raise awareness and understanding of futures products among financial professionals and the public.
GFH chief executive Hisham Alrayes said, "We're pleased to see GFH's shares included alongside the UAE's leading listed companies on Nasdaq Dubai's equity futures market.
CEO Hisham Alrayes said: "We are pleased to see GFH's shares included alongside the UAE's leading listed companies on Nasdaq Dubai's equity futures market.
20 (BNA): GFH Financial Group has announced the inclusion of Single Stock Futures Contracts on the Group's shares available for trading on Nasdaq Dubai's equity futures market with effect from January 16.
Each Bitcoin contract represents one Bitcoin and Cannon Trading is now offering the CBOE Bitcoin Futures market data and trading access to all qualified clients.
Menacorp has been ranked number one on Nasdaq Dubai's Equity Futures market for the first quarter of the year.
The gold futures market is nothing special and you see the same dealing strategies as in all other futures markets.