futures market

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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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Mayhen (2000), "Stock Index Futures Trading and Volatility in International Equity Markets", The Journal of Futures Market, Vol.
Rosenberg and Traub (2006) state that informed traders may prefer the futures market to the OTC market because of the anonymity of trader identity or higher speed of transaction execution.
Right now there is a huge natural-gas futures market, but it doesn't mean that 12 months down the road, the price now being hedged will pan out.
com, which as a futures market works slightly differently, Bush's stock is trading at 52 while Kerry's is at 48.
It was a futures market for mayhem, and your tax dollars--$8 million of them--were earmarked to set it up as a small mind game in the war on terror.
One of Poindexter's most dangerous ideas, the futures market in terrorism, was almost at the point of being launched when it ran into a congressional buzzsaw.
Yesterday, for the second time in four weeks, the trading system for the Liffe futures market collapsed for an hour, giving hundreds of dealers that familiar blank-screen feeling.
However, when the funds came into being and the chart-watchers started to begin trading, an entirely different picture emerged with a great percentage of trading in the futures market for coffee being done by these entities rather than by the industry.
The company can protect its annual premium income by buying an equivalent amount of premium income in the futures market.
Stone suggests raising the amrgins as a way of ensuring that sharp futures market movement won't wipe out investors.
com/research/ffkrs5/the_futures_market) has announced the addition of the "The Futures Markets in China" report to their offering.
Since there was seldom any doubt which way the exchange rate would be changed, if it were changed, the movement was in one direction only, and the funds could be absorbed only by large scale central bank operations in both the spot and futures market.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) has been allowed to operate in the Chinese gold futures market, Reuters said.
com Futures Market Pulse section, and is in addition to Barchart's existing Futures Heat Map.
Sir, So only 1% or 2% of dairy futures contracts are expected to result in physical delivery, with the balance settled by speculators ('Dairy futures market to begin trading in autumn', 24 July, p35)?