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When new lines or exchanges are to be built, these men study the situation with an eye to the future.
Nothing that science can say will ever decrease the marvel of a long-distance conversation, and there may come in the future an Interpreter who will put it before our eyes in the form of a moving-picture.
There are many reasons to believe that for the practical idealists of the future, the supreme study will be the force that makes such miracles possible.
There is therefore no immediate danger that the art of telephony will be less fascinating in the future than it has been in the past.
There still remains for some future scientist the task of showing us in detail exactly what the telephone current does.
Here is an Eldorado for the scientists of the future, and whoever can first map it out will go far toward discovering the secret of telephony.
But these random guesses as to the future of the telephone may fall far short of what the reality will be.
Futures contracts can be traded just like stocks up until the time they are due.
said that while they support the Army's transformation plans, they are concerned about the cost of developing future combat systems while concurrently restructuring and modernizing the current force.
Space Age speculation drew on both of these approaches, and of course the Space Age stands out among various futures because, like the Atomic Age that it overlapped, it seemed to be taking shape.
To this end, law enforcement professionals must understand the importance of futures research.
futures exchanges, and (3) repeal of the Shad-Johnson prohibition of single-stock futures.
Libraries in the 21st Century: Alternative futures.
The value of the Standard & Poors stock index futures contract, for example, rises and falls according to the price movement of 500 different stocks.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) today announced a national expansion of its Reclaiming Futures initiative, housed at Portland State University, citing the program's success in getting more services to teens in the justice system who are struggling with drugs and alcohol.