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having no prospect or hope of a future

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conservative place, haunted by its past and futureless.
In their daily contacts they saw the plight of thousands of young Iraqis who had fled there with their families, safe now but unable to work or complete their schooling, left idle and futureless.
Or would that be my sinister agenda of pushing through these pages for lasting and sustainable green jobs for Coventry, rather than favouring this futureless airport?
Deprived of masculine role models, except for a mouth-breather named Todd, a twenty-something neighborhood thug, Beavis and Butthead were hopeless figures: futureless metalhead high schoolers, divested of any sense of their own histories, ignorant to the core.
While his father was wooing widows, Morris had a series of futureless one-date dates with men who were woefully wrong for him.
Reader, there are: look no further than the most recent public example of duplicitous double-speak, the right-wing "think tank" and its plan to shift we lumpen and futureless proletariat from Tyne and Wear and Merseyside down to London, Oxford and Cambridge.
When sweet and bitter mingled together, no reed was plaited, no rushes muddied the water, the gods were nameless, natureless, futureless.
And we should do so not in a primitive language, but in the much-needed style of writers like yourself, teaching us and showing us the harsh, futureless reality that is the worst side of today's rampant capitalism.
Economic development can be ruthless, by benefiting some at the expense of others; voiceless, by excluding the voice of people; jobless, by creating wealth but not jobs; futureless, by exhausting the next generation's resources; and rootless, by destroying cultural traditions and identities.
But no matter who does win among the Big Four, it will only reinforce the pathetic, useless and futureless stalemate which, for more and more people, is becoming too much to cope with every single flippin' day of our short lives.
Catalogue images produced new therapeutic narratives for the type of men whom Hine posed on Pittsburgh streets and framed as helpless, futureless victims.
The 1996 Human Development Report declared that "economic growth, if not properly managed, can be jobless, voiceless, ruthless, rootless and futureless, and thus detrimental to human development".
Above all, those futureless masses yearn to excuse their profound individual inadequacies and to explain away the prison walls their beliefs have made of their lives.
Weiss, viewed the 17th of November (the beginning of the revolution against state socialism in Czechoslovakia) as "the epitome of ineffectiveness and futureless tendency of the communistic party and the proof of its organizational and ideological failure".
Eliot, "between midnight and dawn, when the past is all deception,/The future futureless.