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a progressive tense used to express action that will be on-going in the future

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These insights are important not only for scholarly purposes but to inform those dedicated to identifying and implementing a future progressive social policy agenda.
But this goal seems to me to be an important prerequisite for future progressive success, on the work-time issue and on many other issues as well, and Hayden challenges us convincingly to take up the challenge.
SAN FRANCISCO -- TheInfoPro, an independent research company for the IT industry, today released new real-time data from its pending Server Study (final results due in October, Q3 2009) indicating that more than 50% of new servers being installed in 2009 will host virtualization, and future progressive growth indicates 80% by 2012.
with potential for future progressive dividend growth by investing in
Landau and the other managers regard building up MoveOn's membership list as important not only for this election, but for future progressive citizen action.
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