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a perfective tense used to describe action that will be completed in the future

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The future perfect progressive is formed with will have been + present participle: By the time we arrive at 11 o'clock, Vanessa will have been chopping nuts for one hour.
12 FUTURE PERFECT The futuristic yet classic signature pleated fashions by Mashiah are favorites for evenings at home and abroad in glorious jewel tones exemplified in this packable and artfully symmetrical Soma dress (collection from $800).
Future perfect thinking helps you better appreciate the range of possible outcomes and can even help you develop strategies for moving forward that are robust under a range of possible outcomes.
I have much to say to many, and this way I could keep this blog active while making peace with my past, present and future perfect.
As Hoy paraphrases Derrida, 'the future is an ecstases of the present, and this in itself transports us to the future perfect, when it will have been the case that what is now present to us is the past of a future present' (172).
Drawing from years of leadership experience as "India's most trusted name in Safes" and continuous investment in R&D to meet the present and future needs of the banking and jewelry industry, Godrej Security Solutions, today launched their latest range of Defender Z+ Safes - the new archetype of intelligent creation that is future perfect.
Certain works veer into somewhat different terrain, more science fiction than science, such as Future Perfect (Dulcinea), which combines an actual flight-suit costume from the revamped Battlestar Galactica television series with a head of sorts consisting of some fifty live-feed video cameras; on the floor there are two monitors, one showing various vantages from the cameras, the other providing a fluoroscopic scan of the interior--the "skeleton"--of the suit.
Pappalardo, who in September will be selling his benches at the Brooklyn store Future Perfect, is clearly at home in the woodshop, surrounded by sawdust, worn textbooks about region-specific trees and a hammock.
All this Future Perfect trends, and people such as [architect] Zaha Hadid do have an impact on what we're wearing.
One-day or Tests, the past has been as good as the present for India, but is the future perfect.
FUTURE PERFECT How Kaka will look when he pulls on a Manchester City shirt; TEAM-MATE Robinho's settled in at Eastlands
In the United States, the collection is available at Future Perfect in Brooklyn, N.
The translation reads well; however, I noticed that the German idiom of expressing probability by using the future perfect tense is often translated literally.
In some future perfect volume, I would look forward to finding a way to have him in there.
future perfect Kirklees Council could move into old or as yet unbuilt landmark buildings - far left, the proposed Waterfront Quarter (artist's impression), Folly Hall Mills, centre, or below, the St George's railway warehouse