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mattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on a raised frame

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No longer simply a futon store the company also decided that a new name was required to reflect the many different styles of furniture now available that could offer a positive impact in the lifestyle of those looking for something both different and unique.
Just make sure there's not a Bjorn convertible futon sofa within earshot.
Now you see them mostly at specialty sleep shops, or as an add-on sale, in which a retailer can sell a futon to an existing customer, one who already bought a mattress from you for another room in the house.
Futons are no longer just the choice of lentil-munching, 70s hippies.
The main complaint futon customers have, Bader says, is that the beds "get thin too soon.
The coral comforters are hitting shelves with the same price tags as regular futon sets.
The imminent arrival of guests to my new home just outside Llangollen persuaded me that a swish futon bed was required, space being at a premium and one wasn't keen on offering nocturnal indignities.
In another capacity, a mat can be inserted between the comforter and mattress of a futon and the hot air dries a complete set of bedding, including the pillows, in 45 minutes.
We have nothing to lose but the seashells above the futon and the macrame dream catcher swinging in the stained-glass window.
A Central Oregon futon manufacturer who capitalized on the green movement in retailing is now finding a niche among the chemically sensitive.
Popular choices with younger buyers are the latest Japanese futon beds which use a lightweight cotton mattress construction which moulds to the shape of your body.
We've wanted to build a futon sofa bed for a long time, but every design we considered was just too complex - until now.
Like many wood products manufacturers these days, Sun Tui, a futon frame manufacturer based in St.
com/reports/c84875) has announced the addition of Sofa Bed & Futon Manufacturers (UK) - Portfolio Analysis to their offering.