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Only hard-working bachelor Jonsen, one of Petterson's tough but generous mentor figures, futilely tries to bond with Tya, aids her escape, and later "adopts" Tommy.
He was the lawman futilely chasing the Duke brothers, often in the company of his droopy-faced basset hound Flash.
When faced with the opportunity to accept and transition new information into our lives, we instinctively spend our limited time and energies futilely resisting the inevitable: change.
She then attempts, futilely, to span this measured area diagonally, stretching her body across it but failing to reach either corner.
Terriers, the name one of two rival gangs who battle fatally, and futilely, for supremacy on the mean streets of Liverpool, manages to tread a careful, even humorous, line between being educational and preachy.
Surprise, surprise, it's Solihull the King Canute of councils, futilely commanding the waves of progress to roll back.
But the company filed for bankruptcy in 2008, leaving a partly finished plant, as it futilely tried to find financing to complete the project.
He and others futilely attempted to rescue sailors aboard a fleet tanker that was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine later during his service.
0000014 sq ft of space to claim as your own, you're then doomed to five minutes of mobile phone torture whilst you await company - that torture is usually represented by the following scene, performed at a futilely loud volume: You: "Hello?
Through the truly terrible period, while wise voices warned futilely against the "politics of the last atrocity", tens of thousands of people in the least advantaged areas on "both sides" were swept up in the murderous and ultimately pointless drama.
Anyone who has ever felt apart from the world, wishing futilely to be anyone but who they are, will relate .
In collaboration with the US, the alleged grandchildren of the Crusaders of the (European) Middle Ages, are now trying futilely to stop war atrocities between a Muslim ruler and Islamist opposition in Syria.
While some others closed down for good because they did not comply with the new regulations and waited futilely till the last day, hoping the time will be extended, it stated.
A p-type semiconductor doesn't have enough electrons to balance out the positive charges of its atoms; as electrons hop back and forth between atoms, trying futilely to keep them electrically balanced, holes flow through the semiconductor, in much the way waves propagate across water molecules that locally move back and forth by very small distances.
The growing international demand for the rule of law and human rights was on display recently when Afghan lawmakers tried -- futilely, but honorably -- to explain the principles of the United States Constitution to occupying Americans, who had sought to establish a system of detention that was not accompanied by due process.