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Synonyms for mulberry

any of several trees of the genus Morus having edible fruit that resembles the blackberry

sweet usually dark purple blackberry-like fruit of any of several mulberry trees of the genus Morus

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There are wood samples from Jamaica - cedar, brasiletto, fustic, logwood, camphor, lignum vitae, satinwood, pimento wood and mahogany.
Logwood and fustic were used as dyes in the textile industry and for staining furniture.
For emphasis he listed the commodities the colonists could ship only to Great Britain: "Sugar, Molasses, Tobacco, Ginger, Cotton-Wool, Indigo, Fustic, and all other dying Wool, Tar, Pitch, Turpentine, Hemp, Masts, Yards, Bowsprits, Copper Ore, Beaver-Skins, and other Furs, Rice, &c.
the fustics show which has been a pioneer in industrial 360[degrees] CT scanning since 2005.