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thinks about unfortunate things that might happen

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Now Skylar is very happy to make new friends with new people she meets and has become the ultimate fusspot who adores cuddles.
Call me a fusspot, but I like to think I'm a lot more choosy in picking my friends than including Chilean despot General Pinochet and, erm, Jimmy Savile among my bosom buddies.
Elsewhere, Jamie is smitten with baby Dylan and he and Violet decide to leaveWeatherfield for good, with poor fusspot Sean oblivious to their intentions.
But playing her namesake, Bridget Jones's ultra-Home Counties fusspot mum, in two massive Brit-flick successes has returned her profile to the top again.
AMy wife Debby would tell you I'm an absolute fusspot.
EMMERDALE: Debbie makes it clear she'd prefer flighty Charity (right) to be her mother than fusspot Emily.
On hearing of this Goebbels remarked: 'The Reichsfuhrer SS is certainly a fusspot, but not a war lord.
is fun-loving fusspot truly deserves to nally nd a new loving home.
A fusspot chef is made guardian to her niece and falls for a laid-back colleague.
LAUGHS at Noel Sullivan because she thinks he is a fusspot who "flounces around".
And apart from a few fusspot dissenters, the reaction was very favourable.
That said, I did discover vegetarians were catered for too, which was a relief to Fusspot.
is fusspot would suit most homes, so whether you are an active retired family, have a young family with children aged over eight years or a person looking for a new companion then this chap is well worth a meet.
I'M a bit of a fusspot when it comes to cleaning my teeth, so when was asked to try the new sonicare toothbrush from Philips I jumped at the chance.