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Synonyms for fuss

Synonyms for fuss

busy and useless activity


needless trouble

to worry over trifles

to be nervously or uselessly active

fuss at: to scold or find fault with constantly

Synonyms for fuss

an excited state of agitation

Related Words

an angry disturbance

a rapid active commotion

worry unnecessarily or excessively

care for like a mother

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This increased fussing occurred only in formula fed infants.
It was my birthday on Monday, but I knew the Man-in-Charge was working (and on call in the evening) so I didn't expect much fussing there.
Your fussing reinforces his fear by providing a reward.
The small, clip-on keyboard allows users to quickly and easily enter information without fussing with Graffiti or bulky keyboard attachments.
There are no studies that support the idea that pacifier use decreases the overall frequency or duration of crying or fussing.
Aka parents tried to sooth fussing and crying by walking, rocking, or feeding their kids, since they usually were already holding them.
Parishes must provide good child-care facilities so that parents can confidently leave their small children while they participate at Mass or at least have a place to take them when they won't stop fussing.
Disadvantages: Sometimes the endless fussing will drive even you bonkers, and your spouse may find your commitment to the machine a bit disturbing.