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Synonyms for fuss

Synonyms for fuss

busy and useless activity


needless trouble

to worry over trifles

to be nervously or uselessly active

fuss at: to scold or find fault with constantly

Synonyms for fuss

an excited state of agitation

Related Words

an angry disturbance

a rapid active commotion

worry unnecessarily or excessively

care for like a mother

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I can still call myself a forty-something (but not for much longer) and I'm definitely not too old for cakes, candles and being fussed over.
A few days ago, we had something called World Animal Day and lovers of all kinds of big and small furry creatures were aglow with pride as they fussed over their pampereddisease-carriers.
Long before Martha Stewart taught millions how to set a perfect table, a distraught Saint Martha fussed over meal preparations while her sister lounged at Jesus' feet.
CENTENARIAN Lilian Webb really enjoyed her 100th birthday as she was fussed over by all her family.
He claims they are really just an excuse to network and he has also admitted that he prefers not to be fussed over on set.