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thinks about unfortunate things that might happen

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All the more astonishing, then, to see Cato and Cicero come off as a scold and a fussbudget, respectively.
As summer continues so does the fussbudget part of growing strawberries in this manner--pulling off runners--again, and again, and again.
And then there was Georgie Borges, fussbudget and inept lover, and the loyal son who answered to "Baby" (Nino) all of his mother's life.
And the coercive utopians--the radical environmentalists, animal-rights activists, feminists, and others who would use stare power to force on us tiny non-flushable toilets and ears too small to hold families, take away the circus and our pet cats, and otherwise impose more fussbudget impositions on our lives than Leviticus--all depend on government grants to use and misuse federal and state power.
You know what a fussbudget he is about his martinis?
Ironically, it is in the mind of second-fiddle, fussbudget Oliver--a cautious fellow who timidly admired Kath from afar--that we first sense grief and glimpse a beauty beyond Kath's pretty face.
And it would be equally difficult to see in the fussbudget that Duane plays the innovative Leonard Woolf who published the first translations of Freud in English.
Jumpy, anxious, fussbudget Lemmon and phlegmatic, lethargic, slovenly Matthau became a household item with 1968's The Odd Couple.
While it's a relief to see Baker getting away from the fussbudget pornography of his recent novels Vox and The Fermata, his genius for passionately detailed, morally complex descriptive writing rarely appears in this jeremiad.
In America, most people accept the right of the artist to do whatever he or she wants, because they know all too well that even if some fussbudget tries to drag an artist into court, the law contains a loop-hole big enough to drive a Hummer through.
But when her out-of control brother drops into town, her commitment-phobic boyfriend proposes marriage, and her fussbudget boss (Matthew Broderick) takes her to bed, Sammy starts to fray around the edges.
In center ring are Blitzstein (Hank Azaria) and the tumultuous mounting of Cradle by a fire-breathing young Orson Welles (Angus Macfadyen) and his fussbudget collaborator, John Houseman (Cary Elwes).
Even if it's not in your nature, you'll have to be a fussbudget throughout the entire project.
Whether you're a fussbudget like Lucy, philosopher like Linus, Flying Ace like Snoopy, or a lovable loser like Charlie Brown, there is something to touch your heart or make you laugh in Peanuts.
Fussbudget Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and 13 dwarf soldiers of fortune contend with goblins, giant spiders, ravenous wolves and treacherous Gollum to reclaim a lost kingdom from the fearsome dragon called Smaug.