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fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure

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Fusion welding of joints and the corrosion-free attributes of PE are the key to its worldwide acceptance.
10] Duncan Camilleri et al, "Use of Thermography to Calibrate Fusion Welding Procedures in Virtual Fabrication Applications", Inframation 2004 Proceedings ITC 104 A 2004-07-27.
The phenomena which come into sight whenever the EB interferes with the matter are totally different from those that are peculiar to fusion welding conventional processes.
of Stavanger, Norway) and Recho (National Center for Scientific Research, France) introduces fatigue analysis of steel structures made by fusion welding.
The mechanism of mechanically induced vibrational wood fusion welding is shown to be due mostly to the melting and flowing of amorphous cells-interconnecting polymer material in the structure of wood, mainly lignin, but also some hemicelluloses.
A Study of Joining Processes for Pipelines (L51534) - reviews development of the Fusion Welding, Forge Welding and Mechanical Interference Joining welding processes and compares the economics of the various alternatives.
Electromagnetic welding has repeatably been selected over hot plate fusion welding due to consistent performance.
In fusion welding, for example, differences in joint gap or fitup caused by manufacturing variations are a major problem for robot welders.
Hill is an approved and reliable source for Aircraft Structural Fusion Welding in virtually all alloys and is a fully certified AS 9100 C and NADCAP approved company.
However during conventional fusion welding there is always a danger that distortion can occur or that the poor weldability of the material can result in a significant loss in mechanical performance or weld integrity.
Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid state welding process developed by The Welding Institute (UK) in 1991, and now being used increasingly for joining aluminium alloys for which fusion welding is often difficult.
The Practical Reference Guide for High-Quality Fusion Welding of Aluminum
Twelve years in development, the new 'Body in White' is the first production car body to be built using aerospace cold joining techniques for the whole assembly, eliminating fusion welding from the body shop.
Fusion welding of these metals brings many difficulties.