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cooking that combines ingredients and techniques and seasonings from different cuisines

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The final episode will highlight a fusion cooking class Milliken and Qazi taught for 150 attendees, primarily young mothers, in which they demonstrated healthy recipes and discussed the importance of nutrition.
In his three years working as head chef and managing a team of eight, the restaurant was awarded three AA rosettes for its French and British fusion cooking.
Fusion cooking, says Gordon, isn't new but is relevant to our global society -- and it's something we can all cook at home.
FUSION COOKING J Kitchen nightmare SINGLE BUNKER J The home comforts DOWN THE HATCH J The door
I'VE always been a little suspicious of fusion cooking, especially when the two foods being mixed up are poles apart.
Back in Europe, their reports were at first digested with a pinch of salt, until the 19th-century French chef Alexis Soyer traveled to Constantinople during the Crimean War for a taste of the empire's Balkan-Caucasus-Persian-Arab-Levant-Mediterranean fusion cooking.
A spokesman for Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer, who commissioned the poll, said: "At a time when fusion cooking and exotic dishes a r e be coming more popular, it's great to see old British classics still coming out on top.
He said: "I am really interested in fusion cooking and hope to complete my book soon.
He is keen on maintaining a traditional menu and none of that fusion cooking so rampant all over the city.
Food ranges from traditional Welsh fare to contemporary continental and fusion cooking.
It is a speciality of the house along with Mogul and south Indian fusion cooking, including an Indian bread pudding with cream and nuts.
If it's pigs feet stew and game meat pies you're looking for, head to La Table Enchante, which the New York Times has called "Quebec-style fusion cooking that foodies will appreciate.
Skipping the precooking stage may result in forming air bubbles at the fusion cooking stage.
With fusion cooking becoming ever more popular, the merging of the cultural influences is bang on the money.