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a light flintlock musket

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Recently, Fusile has served as the chief financial officer for the company's Commercial and Specialty Business Division.
While Milton had passed over in telling silence 'what else' besides 'tools' might 'be wrought | Fusile or graven in metal' (XI.
Fusile speculates that these companies may be relying on encryption alone and not developing policies that detail how or when encryption should be used.
Fusile, director and national leader for HIPAA services at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
In other part stood one who at the forge Labouring, two massy clods of iron and brass Had melted (whether found where casual fire Had wasted woods on mountain or in vale, Down to the veins of earth, thence gliding hot To some cave's mouth, or whether washed by stream From underground) the liquid ore he drained Into fit moulds prepared; from which he formed First his own tools; then, what might else be wrought Fusile or graven in metal.
6) Patrick Chamoiseau is the first writer fully to exploit the heteroglossic potential of the French West Indies, the first to write fiction in which language, as the substrate and vehicle of the region's complex and divisive history, is in itself a major novelistic theme, in which each individual paragraph, and, it sometimes seems, each individual sentence, is compacted of all the linguistic and other tensions that make up that many-faced totality, at once fissile and fusile, that Chamoiseau, along with Jean Bernabe and Raphael Confiant, calls Creolite.
One implication of these findings is that while some organizations have clearly found an effective way to meet requirements, others may have implemented solutions that are not working as expected," said Jeffrey Fusile, partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers' HIPAA Advisory Services Team.
PwC is more than 140,000 people in 149 countries sharing across our global network thinking, experience and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice for our clients here in Indiana," say Jeff Fusile.
A continuacion el conductor describe "una fotografia" en la que los judios en fila, desnudos, esperan a que se les fusile al borde de una fosa mientras el oficial encargado se fuma un cigarrillo y parece aburrirse debido a lo lento que se lleva a cabo el trabajo.
no solo somos atrozmente insultados, sino que, empunando con fuerza los punales, los Voluntarios piden a gritos que se nos fusile [.