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tapering at each end

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Visual information about landmarks, buildings and spatial layout is encoded in the parahippocampal place area, which lies medial to the fusiform face area.
The qualitative variable of forms of AAA, that are fusiform and saccular are 100% correctly picked up by US as compared to CT.
Vincent angina and fusiform bacillus; Cancrum Oris.
The majority of muscle enlargements was fusiform on axial MRI, similar to the results of previous case studies.
The ventral nasal turbinate was fusiform in shape in kenguri sheep, which extended from 4th transverse ruga of hard palate to level of third molar tooth (Fig.
Activations in regions such as parahippocampal, frontal, and fusiform gyrus are according to the findings reported in paradigms of face emotional processing and recognition in passive view [10], shifting of the attentional focus [11], and implicit emotional tasks [12].
Caption: FIGURE 1: AP radiograph showing large fusiform soft tissue swelling of right middle finger at a level of the middle phalanx.
Findings on the CT of the thorax demonstrated a fusiform superior vena cava (SVC) aneurysm measuring 5.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a fusiform, lobed, well-circumscribed, 6.
The anterior rhinoscopy highlighted two and three whitish fusiform organisms in the right and in the left nasal cavities, respectively; all the observed organisms appeared to be vital, presenting high mobility on the nasal mucosal surface.
Histopathological samples confirming lipomatous tissue surrounding the nerve fascicles (C, D) Intraoperative surgical specimen (B) enlarged fusiform median nerve with fibro-fatty tissue proliferation extended from the distal forearm to mid palm.
Studies have shown CTA to be highly sensitive and specific--and more sensitive than echocardiography for the detection of and demonstration of fusiform and distal aneurysms.