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capable of being melted and fused

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Unfortunately, many reports of fires from solid-fuel cooking confirm that the fusible links located at duct entrances are not reliably activating suppression systems, especially with fires that ignite in upper portions of ducts.
3 Iron the fusible fleece to the back of your lining pieces.
By using the 30-inch and eight-inch fusible PVC, while this allowed for a smaller bore than HDPE, it also reduced the internal space and provided for only two, three-inch thermal grout pipes from either side of the bore.
A unique, removable handle allows the valve to manually operated locally or remotely from over 30 feet without affecting the fusible links.
It is known that the properties of the fused panel can be predicted on the basis of specified mechanical and physical properties of the shell fabric and fusible interlining [3].
But the accident investigation report said that while the train's crew noticed there was a problem, they failed to spot that the fusible plug had melted.
The installation section includes discussions of plastic pipes for trenchless applications: trenchless case history: calibration case study of installation loads on fusible PVC piping in directional drilling: and axial response of HDPE pipes in directional drilling installations, www.
Freudenberg has developed new fusible interlinings made from recycled polyester fibers.
8220;To survive and develop our company, we need to make some changes on every perspective of our business, such as looking for the right people to contribute in the development of interlining products like woven interlining, non-woven interlining and fusible interlining.
The site, Fusible reported, was not operational when it was found this week.
The loss model of the power panelboard is based on the sum of partial power losses from circuit breakers, fusible switches, motor starters, and bus bars with enclosures.
The composition is comprised of a wrinkle reducing agent including at least one fusible elastomer having one or more effective groups for bonding to an ion; a liquid carrier; and at least one salt composition having cations for physical crosslinking of the fusible elastomer to provide elastic linkages between molecular chains of the fusible polymer.
Located just Off Route 46, 200 Maltese Drive is fully leased to Precision Custom Coatings, a producer and supplier of non-woven and knitted fusible interlinings, The 34-year-old building serves as the company's production and distribution facility and headquarters; it includes 21,000 s/f of office space.
Production of the moulded parts by high precision casting process using the fusible models it is characterised by realisation of parts with very good accuracy, parts that requires any cleaning after the casting process, no other process is needed before part utilisation.
It will relocate portions of its hydroen-tanglement and fusible fiber businesses "to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maintain its high quality levels.