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colorless glass made of almost pure silica

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44 m (8 ft) Contraction Ratio 4:01 Working Fluid Drakeol #5 Light Mineral Oil Index-Matching Laser Wavelength Dependent Temperature ([degrees]C) Mineral Oil Density Matching Temperature Dependent Refractive Index of Mineral Oil Matching Temperature Dependent and Fused Quartz Mineral Oil Kinematic Viscosity Matching Temperature Dependent Temperature Control External Maximum Inlet Velocity 1.
Fused quartz is superior to borosilicate when it comes to heat.
The avoidance of these problems have led many fabricators to choose fused quartz as the material of choice for semiconductor wafer processing as well as laboratory and testing applications.
In most designs the ultraviolet light generator is a tubular lamp," explains James Horvath, president of Technical Glass Products (TGP), Painesville, OH, one of the nation's largest distributors and fabricators of fused quartz material.
One of the primary materials that delivers superior efficiency to the solar power industry today and is helping researchers advance the technology at affordable prices - is fused quartz.
Wallsend's Thermal Syndications producing the company's unique fused quartz and silica "tubes".
5 billion supplier of silicone-based products, silanes, sealants, urethane additives, adhesives, and high-purity fused quartz and ceramic materials.
Type C fused quartz, flat panel, Type FB flat quartz infrared heaters, gas premix and catalytic panel heaters, Ultra-High intensity heaters, and Unitube tubular quartz infrared heaters provide peak efficiencies by matching emissive wavelengths of heating elements to absorption wavelengths of product (Selective Wavelength Method).
0 mm, cut from fused quartz and coated with a thin layer of gold.
Units also feature fused quartz sleeves, which insure maximum lamp output regardless of water temperature, glowing sight port, which provides continuous visual indication of lamp operation and convenient drain plug for easy drainage of chamber.
The Ultra process features a salt bath operating from 8501300F (454-704C) that removes low-silica and low-reactivity ceramic compositions and leaches fused quartz and pre-formed coring from intricate castings.
Measurements were made on gelatin and polystyrene films coated onto silicon or aluminum substrates, as well as bulk aluminum and fused quartz samples.
The ThermEx unit heats the samples in fused quartz crucibles in a stream of helium.
Other in-stock substrates include BK-7: Corning 0211; Corning Eagle 2000 XG: Corning ULE; Glaverbel float: OCLI front surface mirror; Pilkington Optiwhite; PPG Starphire: Schott's AF-37, AF-45, and B-270; fused silica: fused quartz, and more.