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of something having a dusky brownish grey color


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With age, there is a general increase in the fuscous spotting on all parts of the body, but not sufficient to obscure the pale ground color.
Frons with one narrow light stripe on the apex, macropterous tegmina hyaline with only one fuscous mark on the apex of clavus M.
3 of clypeus, tegula and legs yellow-brown; hind leg with coxa and femur predominantly brown, tibia fuscous basally and apically, with broad and pale sub-basal band, tarsus infuscate.
He said universities couldn't just fuscous on teaching; research should be their important component.
Pubescence generally fulvous; setae of face generally simple, scattered, and suberect, becoming slightly more fuscous by vertex and with some minute branches, such setae intermingled with shorter, subappressed, plumose setae around antennal toruli and on face bordering clypeus (Fig.
25) fuscous brown, with numerous aciniform glands spigots (ac) and minor ampullate gland spigot (ma); PLS (Fig.
Type Row width ft of row (lbs/acre) Black turtle 28 4-5 40 Cranberry 28-32 3-4 60 Kidney 28-32 3-4 60 Navy 28 4-5 40 Pinto 28 4 50 Yellow eye 28-32 4 60 Table 15-4 Field Bean Diseases and Their Controls Disease Spread Control Halo bacterial Splashing water, Copper sprays, blight insects, animals, disease-free seed, seed crop rotation, seed treatment Common and fuscous Splashing water, Disease-free seed, blight insects, animals, crop rotation, seed seed treatment Common bean mosaic Aphids Disease-free seed virus Root rots Plowing, Tolerant varieties cultivation, etc.
6 mm long and has four fuscous longitudinal stripes-the submedians are somewhat faded with time, and the laterals are irregular and underlie large granules; the color on the tergites is also faded, with very diffuse markings on the anterior margins and faint markings medially and posteriorly; the pectinal tooth count is 25-26; the subaculear spine is vestigial, represented by a very small granule.
Specific examples of discounted per-minute charges include: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara (10 cents); Seoul (8 cents); Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tannin, Fuscous (10 cents); Moscow, St.
Metasomal terga and sterna imbricate, with scattered weak punctures; sternum IV apically with paramedial patches of dense golden setae; sternum V gently concave medially, with distinct, pale gold setae fringing apical borders except in medial concavity; sternum VI deeply concave medially, with dark gold to fuscous setae except medially along inner and proximal border of concavity; hidden sterna and genitalia as in figures 4-7.
All specimens of both forms have fuscous (21) postocular bands continued on the sides of the pronotum and on the tegmina; reaching almost the end of the tegmina in short-winged specimens of the cinnamon form; marked only on their bases and gradually fading away on first half of the tegmina in short and long-winged specimens of the green form; another fuscous band runs along median longitudinal prothoracic carina and continues on dorsum of abdominal segments I and II, visible between bases of tegmina.
Forewing fuscous grey; costa yellowish towards base; a groove above cell; indistinct medial band.