fusarium wilt

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wilt caused by fungi of the genus Fusarium

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Tomato Fusarium wilt and its chemical control strategies in a hydroponic system.
Effect of acetochlor treatment on Fusarium wilt and sugar content in melon seedlings.
Fusarium wilt has also been reported to be more severe in wet rather than in dry soils.
He explained that ``VF'' on the label indicates the plant is resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt.
Solar Fire is resistant to races 1, 2, and 3 of Fusarium wilt as well as Verticillium wilt race 1 and gray leafspot.
7 billion cotton industry from the devastating impacts of Fusarium wilt.
Coffee plant diseases that Zimbabwe growers must contend with include the Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) (Colletotrictium coffeanum) in the north and Fusarium Wilt Disease (F.
Another good feature of the new sweetpotato breeding lines is that they can be grown using fewer pesticides because they are resistant to key sweetpotato pests, such as root-knot nematodes, Fusarium wilt and soil insects.
If your veg plot has been plagued by tomato mosaic virus, greenback, Verticillium or Fusarium wilt, Buffalo, the latest beefsteak tomato from Suttons, could be the answer to your prayers.
Jenkins developed and released cotton germplasm with genetic traits providing plants with resistance to boll weevil, Heliothis, plant bug, root-knot nematodes and fusarium wilt.
He also revealed that October 29, the control and eradication of Fusarium Wilt will be discussed with the Department of Agriculture.
Existing agricultural projects within FSI include novel compounds in development and field testing to address citrus greening disease, methyl erythritol phosphate pathway inhibitors as herbicides, and light activated compounds being evaluated as fungicides to address crop problems like wheat rust and fusarium wilt in bananas and as insecticides against mosquito larvae and cherry fruit flies.
oxysporum strain Fo47 isolated from a suppressive soil to Fusarium wilt at Chateaurenard, France, protect several plants such as melon, cyclamen and tomato of their respective special form [2] while entering in competition for infection sites on the root surface and for nutrients (e.
The V refers to verticillium wilt, F indicates resistance to fusarium wilt disease (FF or FFF to disease Races one, two, or three).
both resident in California for many years), as well as a more recent problem, Fusarium wilt.