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a painful sore with a hard core filled with pus

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Among the list of possible diagnoses in patients with early HS lesions based on clinical :appearance alone, the most common and most likely are furuncles, folliculitis, and atypically dilated comedones of acne vulgaris.
Lesions may resemble a pyogenic granuloma, actinomycosis, a thyroglossal duct cyst, a branchial cleft cyst, a furuncle, a squamous cell carcinoma and an epidermal cyst (1).
aureus is the most common cause of skin and soft tissue infections, including wound infections, abscesses, furuncles, carbuncles (3), and impetigo (4) and is a major cause of cellulitis (5).
Cellulitis with furuncles, carbuncles, or abscesses usually is associated with Staphylococcus aureus, but diffuse cellulitis without an obvious entry portal is most commonly streptococcal.
comparing 1989-90 to 2003-04, the age-adjusted rate of admission for abscesses, carbuncles, furuncles and cellulitis (all 4 combined) increased from 500 to 1,488 per million general population.
Uncomplicated infections affect superficial skin tissue and include furuncles, cellulites, folliculitis, simple abscesses, and impetiginous lesions.
aureus isolates that had profile characteristics similar to those obtained from furuncles (Figure).
Straphylococcus aureus is the almost-universal cause of furuncles, carbuncles, and skin abscesses and worldwide is the most commonly identified agent responsible for skin and soft tissue infections.
PVL is mainly associated with primary cutaneous infections, especially furuncles, and with severe necrotizing community-acquired pneumonia (2).
This toxin has been linked to primary skin and soft-tissue infections such as furuncles and abscesses (1).
double dagger]) Other skin clinical manifestations included psoriasis, mastitis, cystic acne, furuncles, carbuncles, insect/spider bites, and eczema.
From September 1999 to November 2000, 6 of the 22 students from a single third-grade classroom in a town of 12,000 in western Switzerland had 13 episodes of skin infections, including furuncles, abscesses, and cellulitis.
In all, 73 infectious episodes were recorded in 20 of 28 residents in the implicated building, including 43 (59%) skin abscesses, 20 (27%) furuncles, 8 (11%) purulent conjunctivitis, and 2 (3%) external otitis.
Staphylococcus aureus causes a wide variety of diseases in humans, the clinical courses of which range from boils and furuncles to more serious diseases such as septicemia and pneumonia (1).