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Synonyms for furtiveness

the act of proceeding slowly, deliberately, and secretly to escape observation

Synonyms for furtiveness

a disposition to be sly and stealthy and to do things surreptitiously

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An abnormal Puritan psychology led to all kinds of repression, furtiveness, & grotesque hidden crime, while the long winders and backwoods isolation fostered monstrous secrets which never came to light.
The Supreme Court has made clear, however, that the high-crime area factor, standing alone, is not enough to justify a Terry-stop, though asserting almost any additional suspicious factors, such as furtiveness or flight at the sight of police, will often suffice.
These words, without blaming or accusing Badr, and along with the programme's title and non-diegetic music, combine to imbue the initial images of him with furtiveness and suspicion.
That secret moment--the horribly swarming waterfall-pond and the creature of the black lagoon--which had in some way inaugurated the furtiveness of my writing activity as an antidote to fear and the portal to another reality, now seemed to have been laid open.
The furtiveness with which she handles the painting embarrasses everything her father stands for.
It is something more today, for the furtiveness with which this obscenity first appeared among us has been replaced by a shameless openness.
He is made to move silently through the house, remaining often "in the shadows" (1918: 4344), troubled by the un-remembered dead and by a family he no longer recognizes as his own: "it was his furtiveness that was heartrending, it was as though he were an outcast, and we who love him stout policemen" (1918: 52).
but aspects of the text's status as well," and, in particular, "the text's own furtiveness, protectiveness, reticence, and self-difference.
Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, told the Times the furtiveness might be "because they don't want to be seen as a global cabal.
In addition, it is a shifting, multi-layered relationship, often as not muddied with furtiveness and guilt, and equally likely to be touched with deep intimacy and extraordinary affection.
An inferior person are characterized as having craftiness and furtiveness, ulterior motives (Wei, p.
And ironically, "just as Bundy embodied the Kennedy and Johnson administrations' intelligence, drive and sophistication," so too did Kissinger embody Nixon's paranoia, furtiveness, and penchant for manipulation.
Discretion and furtiveness were paramount, which I explained to the operator.
This proposal did not make up for the furtiveness with which the Soviets had installed their SS-20 missiles in the late 1970s.
Inherent among the gentle strokes and original colouring of the paintings, are tales of beauty and love, fear and solitude, forgiveness and understanding, anxiety and furtiveness, freedom and dependence," says Hajou, who is delighted at the opportunity to be a part of Dubai's cultural boom.