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in a furtive manner


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And so, furtively, timidly, in solitude, at night, I indulged in filthy vice, with a feeling of shame which never deserted me, even at the most loathsome moments, and which at such moments nearly made me curse.
I went out of the tavern straight home, confused and troubled, and the next night I went out again with the same lewd intentions, still more furtively, abjectly and miserably than before, as it were, with tears in my eyes--but still I did go out again.
I glanced furtively at my pedometer, and found I had made 47 miles.
At this moment, though her joy was too deep for words, her bread and butter almost choked her, and at intervals a tear stole furtively down her cheek.
Lorry could discover, was, that he sometimes furtively looked up without being asked.
Her chief trouble, as far as I can judge, is the impossibility of shaking off her distinguished relatives, who furtively quit their abject splendor to drop in upon her for dinner and a little genuine human society much oftener than is convenient to poor Erskine.
He had hid under the dead horse for a long time, peeping out furtively across the common.
Tess, her cheeks on fire, moved away furtively, as if hardly moving at all.
Later on, Anna prepares to return to prison, but spies an overcoat, puts it on and furtively heads for an open door.
Creepy Will finds a silk scarf belonging to his ex, Michelle, and furtively stuffs it in his pocket.
Later, Nina is challenged while furtively disposing of rubbish in a skip on the road.
In 1996, I was doing fieldwork in northeastern Oklahoma in a rural, mostly Cherokee community that still practiced controlled burning (though furtively, as burning was illegal there, too).
I wake up in a frenzy, sneak downstairs and furtively search through boxes and cupboards.
THE days of lads furtively looking at a dirty magazine behind the bike sheds seem to be long gone.
The eldest son in college hardly returns home; the youngest son furtively takes piano lessons without telling his parents; and the mother, who knows deep down that her role is to keep the family together, cannot find the will to do so.