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Synonyms for furtive

Synonyms for furtive

so slow, deliberate, and secret as to escape observation

Synonyms for furtive

marked by quiet and caution and secrecy

secret and sly or sordid

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Monty's furtive glance inland, his half-frightened, half-cunning denial of any anticipated visit suggested that there was some one else who was interested in his existence, and some one too with whom he shared a secret.
She shut the door behind us with something of a slam, and her black cat followed us so far, with stealthy, furtive footsteps, that we were frightened of it.
Further, since his arrival in England he has been acting in a strange and furtive manner, and I gathered that he had some cause for fear which he was indisposed to talk about.
I remembered the furtive hatred in her face when she said, "There is no news of Sir Percival that I don't expect--except the news of his death.
So they remained without shaking hands or even speaking, while Tom went to the fire and warmed himself, every now and then casting furtive glances at Philip, who seemed to be drawing absently first one object and then another on a piece of paper he had before him.
The court had held its first session on September 15 to look into the case against the 26 who were charged with illegal possession of arms and furtive contacts with Iran and Hezbollah.
ANZAC GIRLS (More4, 9pm) |THERE are enough bonnets, corsets and furtive glances in this new Australian series to make any period drama proud.
However, cheating Rob needs to be a lot more careful when making furtive phone calls.
Only a council could bring regimented bureaucracy into personal relationships and take all the fun out of those quick chats in the canteen, flirty emails and furtive glances.
30pm ITV) MARIA is furious to find out that Fiz had spotted the furtive glances between Marcus and Todd but chose to say nothing about them.
On today's Desert Island Discs on Radio 4, she speaks about how song Una Furtiva Lagrima (A Furtive Tear) by Gaetano Donizetti helped her through the harrowing days afterwards.
As to complete this chore I went that day, Something came towards me in a furtive way, A young fox stared at me in surprise, I was in his territory he seemed to surmise.
As these silly creatures get older and more infirm, and less able to keep up their furtive grooming routines, what happens then?
The Express Tribune reports that the process of closing down furtive bases in Afghanistan has already begun but a footprint will remain even after the process is complete.
Nothing says you're on a blind date in a bar like furtive glances towards the door.