furry tongue

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a benign side effect of some antibiotics

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Art teacher Sarah Moss said: "The students dressed up as things like a pair of lungs and a horrible furry tongue.
Smokers often have a green furry tongue and a condition known as 'smokers' palate' where the roof of the mouth is very pale in colour
The mildly narcotic kava juice is used by Fijians to relax, but is also said to cause drowsiness anda furry tongue.
One of the main causes of constipation is a lack of fluid in the intestine, and even bad breath and a furry tongue can indicate a lack of water as waste products usually washed out of the body are left in the throat and mouth, causing a build-up of bacteria.
There's only one known cure for the dreaded throbbing head and furry tongue - and it's our other national drink.
Brushing and cleaning a furry tongue is helpful too.
Q Please can you help in any way to clear up a brown, furry tongue.
Once reserved for chiefs and priests, its legendary side effects include drowsiness and a furry tongue.
Flashing a dazzling white smile is all very nice - but the effect is a bit short-lived if you have bad breath or a furry tongue.
The answer to killer headaches, churning stomachs and furry tongues may be out there, however, thanks to website www.