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Synonyms for furrowed

having long narrow shallow depressions (as grooves or wrinkles) in the surface



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The general appearance contrasts with most Pagetides species, which as a rule have smooth or weakly furrowed pleural fields and lack median axial nodes or spines.
Old traditional farming methods of disc harrowed have now been replaced by ripped furrowed instead.
The new reconstruction shows a prematurely old man, with deep-set eyes, sunken cheeks, a furrowed face and ungroomed beard and hair, reports Discovery News.
Whether the motto on the Oven is "Beware the Furrow of His Brow," "Be the Furrow of His Brow," or even "We Are the Furrow of His Brow" or Her Brow, God's brow is not the only one that is furrowed in Toni Morrison's seventh novel, Paradise.