furring strip

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strip used to give a level surface for attaching wallboard


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At the top of each post, put an 18-inch or random length section of furring strip so it leans out over the deer side of the fence away from your garden.
To give the tops of the hoops more stability in the wind, attach an 8' furring strip to the tops.
Tiles can be installed directly to a drywall, plaster or popcorn ceiling by one of two methods: wood furring strips or ceiling tile adhesive.
To install siding with a rain screen, place the WRB over the sheathing, fasten furring strips through the sheathing to the underlying wall studs, and fasten siding through the furring strips to the underlying sheathing and wall studs.
Because of their excellent mechanical strength, Quash foams are easy to install in almost any application, whether fastened to metal or wood furring strips, or attached to gypsum backing for wall applications, according to Dow.
It installs on wood furring strips you mount to the ceiling.
An alternative is to fasten furring strips to the bricks 16 inches on center with Tapcon fasteners.
According to Random Lengths, a Eugene-based firm that tracks the wood products industry, Armstrong makes pallets, fencing, stakes, furring strips and lath for sale around the West Coast.
The asymmetrical design, consisting of modules attached to furring strips on the back wall, breaks the wall into squares, rectangles, and recesses that flank the existing but refaced fireplace.