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Synonyms for furry

Synonyms for furry

covered with hair

Synonyms for furry

covered with a dense coat of fine silky hairs


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I WOULD like to thank everyone who took part in Animals Month in December, the final and furriest month of the Year of the Volunteer
The man with the furriest eyebrows in the business - Eugene Levy - also returns, although less successfully than before - to play Jim's bumbling dad.
Cats and Dogs seamlessly combines real animals, puppets and computer-generated images in the funniest and furriest battle yet for world domination.
It wasn't too long after the days of the week song when the furriest of the kindergartners, Gilbert, introduced himself to the class.
Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Super Bunny Breakout is the latest and furriest experience of the Breakout[R] franchise, where players control Rodney the bunny on a quest to help rescue other cute critters from cages at the nefarious Evil Animal Testing (E.
ACORNS Children's Hospice is calling on pups and pooches to put their best paw forward as it announces the return of its furriest fundraising event.
Hunt for 4,000 eggs filled with dog treats in the furriest Easter egg hunt in Lane County.
22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Break out the first-rate feline finery for the furriest celebration of independent film.
Rexxx is the hottest animal actor on the planet, starring in such hits as The Fast And The Furriest and Jurassic Bark.
Not only is he the star attraction of such hits as Jurassic Bark and The Fast And The Furriest, he also does his own stunts.
And as Vogue launches its September issue - traditionally the furriest of the year - pop singer and anti-fur activist Pink has weighed in with her twopenn'orth.
In its range of desk tidies, it has fluffy waste bins, tissue boxes, pencil holders, personal organisers and phone pads in their furriest rainbow glory.
Merretta Palmer, a registered nurse in the emergency room and 24-year hospital employee, was taking a wait-and-see attitude to the newest and furriest worker on the hospital staff.