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Under section 119(b)(4), all meals an employer furnishes to employees on its business premises are treated as furnished for the convenience of the employer if more than half the employees to whom the meals are furnished receive them for the employer's convenience.
The bank furnishes its tellers a lunch without charge in a cafeteria it maintains on its premises to limit teller lunches to 30 minutes, as the bank's peak workload occurs during the normal lunch period.
In mixed pulp furnishes, identification of the origin of a deposit and eliminating any external factors such as pH or temperature shocks are the initial steps.
Starch can be consumed quickly by dirty furnishes, I would suggest that microparticulates using starch will find use in grades of paper where the furnish is relatively clean--free of anionic trash," said Kasy King.
If the trustee furnishes this information to all payors, the trustee is not required to file any type of return with the Service.
In addition, these services must be furnished in a building where the referring physician or another physician who is a member of the same group practice provides services other than clinical laboratory services or a building where the group practice centrally furnishes the group's clinical laboratory services, as long as the referring physician is a member of the group.
The AXN800 furnishes a fully redundant, carrier-class architecture for service providers' smaller central offices and Points of Presence (PoPs).
As wet end systems have closed up and furnishes have become more contaminated with anionic charge, a need has developed to neutralize the negative charge while maintaining the effectiveness of a chemical being used.
As furnishes become more contaminated, the higher sizing efficiency of ASA is also preferential over using increasingly more AKD to achieve the same result.
NaviSite furnishes hosting, server and application management and e-business infrastructure to support online businesses.
Furnish is only a factor in that different furnishes produce sheets of different permeabilities under the same fabrication processes.
In addition, Reeves Southeastern furnishes and installs private-label fencing home improvement products.
Some of the fastest, largest paper machines in the world are running fiber furnishes containing at least 15% aspen BCTMR In cut size copy papers, strength is not as important as stiffness, caliper, surface characteristics and printability.