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a room (usually in the basement of a building) that contains a furnace for heating the building

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Two men were involved in the explosion, which happened at bait time, when Alfred noticed the pressure in the furnace room was too high.
Port Cities is a sometimes weird but always wonderful exploration of the past, present and future of the ports of the world, held in the equally weird and wonderful surroundings of the furnace room in the A Foundation's Greenland Street gallery.
He often worked 12 hours a day, six days a week, in a furnace room where temperatures would sometimes exceed 120*F.
L' shaped wing contains a three-room apartment with bathroom, tack room, laundry, furnace room, stable with three horseboxes, and two-vehicle garage.
The museum is located in the original boiler and furnace room, where enormous 250-ton coal bunkers still are visible.
How Swansea needed to fly out of the traps like a derby-winning greyhound and there was an urgency about their play with Tate keen to make his presence felt in the furnace room alongside skipper Roberto Martinez.
While the original's greatest scene was Burns having to sit around the disfigured family's dinner table, all we really see of their day-to-day lives is some ironing (of clothes) and Leatherface's chamber of horrors in the furnace room.
He could carry it in his pocket where he could touch it during the day and take it out and fondle it down in the furnace room.
They are no guarantee harm won't ever be done, just as keeping flammable materials out of the furnace room is no guarantee the church will never burn down.
One scene later, we see him burning his pyjama bottoms in the furnace room, which like the film's other apartment building settings, becomes a manifestation of Rene's disturbed psychic landscape.
Note the dimensions of the furnace room and the sources of air transfer, such as a vented door.
Place materials in a dark, dry area with good air circulation and temperatures between 70|degrees~ and 110|degrees~--an attic, warm basement, or water heater or furnace room, for example.
The fire started in a storage and furnace room on the north side of the building at the southwest corner of Front and West streets.