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Synonyms for furlough

a regularly scheduled period spent away from work or duty, often in recreation

Synonyms for furlough

a temporary leave of absence from military duty

grant a leave to

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75% indicated accrued, allotted vacation or floater time continues to be accrued during furloughs.
The California State University Employees Union, representing about 16,000 employees, announced a tentative agreement Tuesday with the university system to have members take 24 furlough days next year.
We continue to go well beyond our contractual obligation to seek a 'win-win' solution to avert furloughs.
HUD's agreement to eliminate two days of planned furloughs is an acknowledgement that the agency could no longer justify the destructive and unnecessary policy of throwing working- and middle-class employees out of work.
County officials considered furloughs during a budget crisis two years ago but decided the move wouldn't produce enough savings.
Tuesday teachers and staff received an e-mail from Superintendent Michael Zapantis stating that he would recommend giving the furlough days back.
Labor law has established that furloughs must be bargained "in good faith" with the unions, Steiner said in the e-mail, and the AFSCME contract with the county includes "specific language that protects against these unilateral decisions.
The furloughs are a "last option" that could be avoided if Congress acts, Vilsack wrote to AMI.
Department of Defense will delay sequester-related furloughs for civilian employees for two weeks, after Congress approved a continuing resolution Thursday to fund the government through the rest of fiscal 2013.
The AFGE activists also report that the House of Representatives passed a Defense Appropriations Bill that includes strong prohibitions against DoD's use of furloughs next year.
While half the increase came from California as the state worked through a backlog following a switch in computer systems, another 15,000 reflected the furlough of non-federal workers from employers losing government business, a Labor Department spokesman said as the data was released to the press.
Only prisoners who have been sentenced to five years or more can be released on furloughs, so that the prisoner can spend time with his family in order to avoid the effects of a continuous prison term.
Yudof's proposal, which has to be approved by UC bargaining units, also does not force federal and private employees, like those at UC's medical facilities, to take the furloughs that will affect state workers.
The suit says the governor's furloughs violate federal and state laws requiring "a day's pay for a day's work.
Does a public employer violate the constitutional prohibition against impairing contracts when it mandates unpaid furloughs for employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement?