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Synonyms for furlough

a regularly scheduled period spent away from work or duty, often in recreation

Synonyms for furlough

a temporary leave of absence from military duty

grant a leave to

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The furloughing of National Guard dual-status military technicians must be stopped before it takes a toll on Guard readiness and personnel.
Furloughing any employee is bad policy on its face, but requiring blanket furloughs across the department is downright ludicrous.
In the letter, lawmakers highlight the injustice of applying civilian furloughs equally across all of the services and Defense agencies, even though some components are able to absorb the budget cuts required under sequestration without furloughing employees.
Defense initially proposed furloughing more than 700,000 civilian employees for 22 days due to budget cuts required under sequestration.
AFGE has already demonstrated to the department that furloughing any employee for any length of time is unnecessary and would disrupt the military mission that civilian employees help carry out each and every day.
In December, US Airways management announced that it was involuntarily furloughing 552 flight attendants.
The Delta Pilots System Board of Adjustment, chaired by arbitrator Richard Bloch, found that negative economic conditions, rather than the events of September 11 or "force majeure," were the principal cause of the company's decision to continue furloughing pilots.