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Synonyms for furlough

a regularly scheduled period spent away from work or duty, often in recreation

Synonyms for furlough

a temporary leave of absence from military duty

grant a leave to

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CLA figures show the number of furloughed workers in Taiwan had been declining since January, but then has been climbing until the end of August.
Most of the employees furloughed were from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Although his offices in Washington and Boston remain open, staff in those locations have been furloughed.
Additionally, Northwest wants to recall its remaining furloughed pilots as soon as possible, it has nearly 400 pilots on furlough.
Of the Lockheed employees still being furloughed, only 300 work on military programs.
I am secure in the knowledge that our furloughed pilots will be returning to a much better contract and to an airline with a brighter and more confident future.
3, 2011 (CENS) -- Following reports of staff being furloughed in industrial and tech parks around the island, Jennifer Wang, chairperson of the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), recently declared that profitable enterprises are prohibited from furloughing employees, and must first submit documents to CLA such as financial and order statements etc.
The furloughed crew members report to the county jail on weekends to serve seven hours toward completion of their sentences.
Northwest Airlines, a US carrier, has advised its pilots union that some 47 pilots will be furloughed on 2 January 2002.
Being furloughed twice in such a short period of time, especially when it's so easily avoidable, would be a tremendous hardship for these pilots and their families," he said.
Because WCF entities are funded through sales revenue rather than direct appropriations, the Department saves no money when such employees are furloughed.
Dryden employees are among 280,000 federal employees furloughed.
The agreement provides for American Airlines furloughed pilots to be recalled to American Airlines before American Eagle pilots can flow through to American Airlines, as well as the continued ability to obtain positions at American Eagle if there are further furloughs at American.
today issued the following statement in response to the announcement that the Housing and Urban Development Department has reduced the number of days employees will be furloughed from seven to five: