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Synonyms for furled

rolled up and secured


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He furled the umbrella, and with t beat the prostrate Abdul, crying that he had been betrayed.
She had furled her parasol and sat absently drawing patterns on the gravel.
The most private lives of the most interesting people lay furled in yellow bundles of close- written manuscript.
Surely this ship would have furled all her lower canvas and reefed her topsails if she found herself on a lee shore with the wind on her quarter.
So the pretty china was repacked, Rose furled her fan, and with several parcels of choice teas for the old ladies stowed away in Dr.
Crisparkle sat down by the china shepherdess; Edwin Drood gallantly furled and unfurled Miss Twinkleton's fan; and that lady passively claimed that sort of exhibitor's proprietorship in the accomplishment on view, which Mr.
At these words, Barnaby furled his flag, and tied it round the pole.
When the weather was wet, he put up his umbrella over his stock in trade, not over himself; when the weather was dry, he furled that faded article, tied it round with a piece of yarn, and laid it cross-wise under the trestles: where it looked like an unwholesomely-forced lettuce that had lost in colour and crispness what it had gained in size.
Animal figures such as winged horses, antlered deer, a ring of cats with furled tails, a peacock, multiple clever foxes, a quartet of honeybees, lizards with tails entwined, interlaced owls, and many more are featured in circular, harmonious designs that yearn to be realized in full, beautiful colors.
donning a reversibly foreshortened absorbent article in a pre-application state, the absorbent article comprising front region and a back region separated by a crotch, and comprising side panels, wherein in the pre-application state the absorbent article comprises a furled continuous belt formed by the side panels and the front and back regions of the absorbent article, wherein the furled continuous belt comprises multiple rolls, wherein the side panels have a pre-application side panel length, Li, and a post-application side panel length, Lf, wherein Li, is less than Lf; and b.
Dressed in their traditional attire of suits and bowler hats with furled umbrellas, the Prince of Wales later joined the Welsh Guards Association for their march to Horse Guards Parade, where he took the salute before laying a wreath.
My dad wasn't Nelson Mandela, His death wasn't beamed round the world, World leaders didn't offer condolences, Civic flags weren't lowered or furled.
A tightly furled copy of the Racing Post, wielded like an angry Ghurhka, will cleave a path through the throng, but be prepared for several stiff climbs over the prone forms of recumbent punters and it can get very boggy under foot late in the day.
The flag was furled around a flagpole and covered in camouflage.