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rolled up and secured


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Crisparkle sat down by the china shepherdess; Edwin Drood gallantly furled and unfurled Miss Twinkleton's fan; and that lady passively claimed that sort of exhibitor's proprietorship in the accomplishment on view, which Mr.
At these words, Barnaby furled his flag, and tied it round the pole.
On this occasion, it left the sail half furled, so the only alternative in an emergency would have been to cut the sail off--not easy in seaway, even if you could reach all parts of it.
The flags are all furled, the banners are gone, all our hopes and our dreams up in smoke Because of a group of pampered prima-donnas, whose performance was just a joke.
Animal figures such as winged horses, antlered deer, a ring of cats with furled tails, a peacock, multiple clever foxes, a quartet of honeybees, lizards with tails entwined, interlaced owls, and many more are featured in circular, harmonious designs that yearn to be realized in full, beautiful colors.
donning a reversibly foreshortened absorbent article in a pre-application state, the absorbent article comprising front region and a back region separated by a crotch, and comprising side panels, wherein in the pre-application state the absorbent article comprises a furled continuous belt formed by the side panels and the front and back regions of the absorbent article, wherein the furled continuous belt comprises multiple rolls, wherein the side panels have a pre-application side panel length, Li, and a post-application side panel length, Lf, wherein Li, is less than Lf; and b.
My dad wasn't Nelson Mandela, His death wasn't beamed round the world, World leaders didn't offer condolences, Civic flags weren't lowered or furled.
Furled Fern: Christmas fern (Polystichum acrostichhoides); Houston County, Tenn.
The flag was furled around a flagpole and covered in camouflage.
The chief guest, Captain Abdul Khaliq furled the national flag.
Touch it not--unfold it never, Let it droop there, furled forever, For its people's hopes are dead
Suddenly, my pal's mother ran on to the pitch and started beating her son's assailants with a furled umbrella.
After the ceremony, as British Legion members furled their banners, each tipped by a black ribbon, 46-year-old Mr.
I said: "Er, no, I'd rather you didn't," so he kept his banner furled up and out of sight.