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We drove the Gen3 until the low furl light came on and eased it home.
He said: "The cadets were ordered to furl and reef the sails which is standard operational procedure for the night and unfortunately the cadet fell while aloft.
He had been sent aloft and was standing on a yardarm to furl a sail on the squarerigged brig when he toppled into the sea.
E Richard Energy, Dover; Jeff Pierson, Foley Oil, Laconia; George Winslow, City Furl, Manchester; Bryant Robertson, Cheshire Oil, Keene; John Miles, Putnam Fuel, Coffstown; Bill Ermer, Palmer Gas/Ermer Oil, Salem; Ray Bellemore, Bellemore Energy Consultants, Menimack; and Peter Rouleau.
Second, I've been driving a 2005 Prius since October 2004, and while I initially was averaging furl economy in the low 40s (miles per gallon), once I figured out some tricks (some of which were published on the Internet), I was able to get that figure into the low 50s.
As an example of the potential, recent SAE Type-II Furl Economy tests using a full-size tractor-trailer truck equipped with this technology show that these techniques increase furl economy by as much as 11 to 12%.
After a demonstration of Furl at a professional conference, Jim Wenzloff was so taken with the powerful new online tool, he wrote a Guide to Furl for his district Web site.
The GM Hybrid Pickup achieves furl savings of 12 percent In normal use with emissions performance equivalent to the high standards set by the original vehicle.
Under the new combination, Looksmart will transfer the Furl social bookmarking technology and service to Diigo.
Apart from retro -fitting, the advantages of in-boom systems such as Coastal Furl (Southern Spars), American Schaefer and others is in keeping the weight low, plus increased ability to deal with a jam.
The boy, 14, was standing on a wooden yardarm after being sent aloft to furl a sail when he toppled into the sea.
Johnson Matthey's EGRT system is a low-pressure, low-temperature aider-treatment system that operates passively, with no furl injection required for emission reductions.
The Mercury Meta One's engine can run on a biomass-based diesel furl that minimizes carbon dioxide emissions being explored by Ford in partnership with BP.
Furl Groups Allows Members to Share Relevant Web Pages
Nelson says the furl reduces the need for imported oil and helps one of his favorite causes--American farmers--at the same time.